Super Classic

Rare Consoles and Accessories


Videogames are like classy ladies, they all need Accessories to be truely happy.

Super Classic Videogames has many such accessories to keep you happy.

Not at all a comprehensive list, but to give you an idea of what we have in stock:

  1. Sega Dreamcast Densha Go Controllers (with GDI ROM Disk).
  2. Batter UP Baseball Controller (SNES)
  3. Batter UP Baseball Controller (Genesis)
  4. TeeVee Golf (Genesis)
  5. Extremely Uncommon Twilight Stair stepper Controller with Disk (PS One/PS2)
  6. Club Nintendo Gamecube Controller
  7. Luigi Nintendo Gamecube Controller
  8. Mario Nintendo Gamecube Controller
  9. Famicom 3D Glasses
  10. Famicom Robots
  11. Wario Nintendo Gamecube Controller
  12. Atari 5200 Interface Controller Adaptor
  13. Steel Battalion Controllers (xbox)
  14. Nintendo 64 Passport
  15. Kisado Turbografx adaptor
  16. Vectrex Light Pen
  17. Sega Saturn 3D Controllers