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Have You Ever Tried To Find A Limited Edition Console, but Could Not Find A Source To Purchase The System? You Will Find That Super Classic Video games Has In Stock Many Rare And Limited Edition Consoles . Most Items Are High End And Are Extremely Hard To Find These Days. I Decided To Share WIth You, What Has Been Extremely Difficult To Obtain; RARE IMPORT AND DOMESTIC VIDEO GAME SYSTEMS, PLUS RARE CONTROLLERS AND ACCESSORIES. We Also Opened up an EBAY store with many video game consoles, so you can also purchase systems from that site as well. I Opened This SIte Not Only To Sell Items, But Also A Place To Learn About The Different Consoles That Are Available And Most Importantly A Site Where One Can Visit and Have Fun. We offer a great selection of rare games and we use paypal as our payment method. Its fun and most importantly safe!!! WE ONLY SHIP TO CONFIRMED PAYPAL ADDRESS!!!


rare video game 2 rare video game 3

GOOD OLD ATARI (One of my favorites rare video game consoles. The CD unit is well sought after and getting hard to find).



This is just a sample of what is available through our site. Not everything is listed and is being stored in our warehouse. We will be putting up new items as time permits and as we update our website.

UPDATE: May 19,2019

I often receive Email asking about my site and whether I still am selling classic video games. For about 10 years my hobby was to buy limited edition games and consoles as well as the classic video game system and games. I actually have a huge inventory and started selling video games on EBAY. Unfortunately if you know anything about Ebay is that there are many people who just want to rip the sellers off with the NAD complaints ( Not as Described). SELLER Protection policy is just useless and does not protect you in the least. It got to the point where it was just ridiculous to even sell anything on Ebay anymore. It was such a hassle. As a SELLER, I bent over backwards for people to to to help out but in actuallity the buyers were unreasonable and just really trying to take advantage of the way Ebay deals with sellers. Unfortunately there are a lot of scam artist out there. Yes, I can understand there can be some shady SELLERs as well, but I can honestly say that I was selling in good faith and was an honest seller. Selling Games is not my career and due to the unnecessary hassles I just stopped selling for a few years. I concentrated on my real life job and focused on spending time with my family. So that is what has happened to me in the past few years.

Lately I have been thinking of selling again. I have moved my inventory to the Continental United States and may sell some on Ebay. I have since seen some strategies by other sellers who just outright say to list the items as "Broken and for parts only". That will basically get you out of the NAD issues.

Additionally I had taken down my estore from being viewed. That was countless hours of data entry and it actually was kind of fun. Since Ebay and Paypal are one and the same, that is the reason you do not see my Estore as I honestly did not feel like dealing with some Paypal dude on the phone who was just wasting my time and never had the authority to actually resolve a claim. I decided when I removed my listings off of Ebay that I might as well take a break from the whole selling thing and this is why if you logged on earlier that you would remember my items being listed on my website.

We have a huge selection of rare video games for being a private collection. Recently we have moved most of our merchandise to OHIO. It is much cheaper to ship and offers a broader way to ship (US Mail, FedEx, UPS). When it was strictly based in Hawaii, the only method of shipping was the USPS.

This site came from many frustrations and lack of good sources for retro gaming and classic video games. Ebay is a great resource, but to search Ebay can be frustrating if your looking for a particular game or console. Classic video gaming is back in style. We still remember the classics, both rare and unrare. Please take your time and look through the whole site. It is constantly being built up and has grown tremendously since I started this web site. Many people have written me and offered advice. I appreciate everything, so please continue to drop me a line..

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WOW!! In such little time we have had quite a bit of web traffic. I got some great email. Some are requesting that I place up a bulletin board. It sounded like a great idea, so I did put one up. Feel free to register at the FORUM button or click HERE!

microsoft panzer dragoon xboxlimited edition

Panzer Dragoon Limited edition console ( 2 of these are in stock)



We have a few Bandai Playdias available for purchase here on WWW.SUPERCLASSICVIDEOGAMES.COM. Not many people have this rarity.

bandai 2

TREAMSTATION - Bootleg of a Playstation


Nintendo NR READER (Click this link)

Bung Doctor V64

A new Doctor V64 was aquired by myself. It is a pretty sweet little accessory. Produced by Bung in the 90's. It is a beautiful additon if anyone is interested.

Doctor V64_(click this link)

I also have a nice Atari Jaguar skunk board for all your home brewing needs

Also new Atari Jaguar Skunkboard

ALSO NEW : Modified Saturns, Modified Dreamcasts, Modified PCE

MC Mario



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