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Japanese Playstation Silohouette Mirage: Reprogrammed Hope(SLPS-01449)

Japanese Playstation Silohouette Mirage: Reprogrammed Hope(SLPS-01449)

“One of the absolute best games to ever grace the original Playstation.”


It's not difficult to see why Treasure games have built up such a following amongst the gaming world's cognoscenti. (Even if the heavy cultural references make them a little difficult to understand...) Battle pumpkin men in this thinking man's platform romp.

Silhouette Mirage's gameplay centers on a very unique gameplay element that comes into effect as the world features inhabitants that are primarily either Silhouettes or Mirages. The Silhouettes and Mirages can be differentiated by their colors; Silhouettes are blue and Mirages are red.

The game's main character, Shyna, who is called the "Messenger of Justice" and is sent out to save the world, has both characteristics of Silhouettes and Mirages. Depending on which direction she is facing, Shyna will be either red or blue, taking on the characteristics of either the Silhouettes or Mirages.

This is where the game's complex play mechanics first come into play. When attacking an enemy of the same characteristic (Silhouette on Silhouette or vice versa), the shots will steal spirit power from the enemy and add them to Shyna's bar. When attacking enemies with the opposite characteristic, the shots will cause damage. This seemingly minute element adds an enormous amount of depth to the Silhouette Mirage's play mechanics.

The game's innovation in design doesn't stop there. Shyna has the ability to perform a wide-array of inventive basic actions and special moves. These include basic actions like sliding, dashing, grabbing, and throwing and more advanced moves like the Cash Bash, Grand Slam and Parasite Bomb. What separates this from other games with large move lists is the fact that each can play important roles in progressing through the game. Mastering a particular move or play mechanic can play an integral part in defeating some of the game's very complex boss characters.

Working Designs is well known for enhancing the game in whatever areas it deems necessary, with a particular interest in increasing the game's challenge. In order to do this in Silhouette Mirage, WD increased the cost of the weapons, made the enemies cause more damage, and caused the weapons to slowly deplete the player's spirit power as it's used.

For the most part, these changes did wonders in improving the depth and challenge. Causing the weapons to drain spirit power adds an extra strategic element to the game because it forces players to keep mind of how much spirit power they have left and attack accordingly. That change plus increasing the cost of the weapons also increased the challenge by making it impossible for players to take the game's most powerful weapon and just using it solely throughout the game.

However, the increasing the cost of the weapons does have a downside. For players looking to go through the game at a fast pace, just quickly destroying all enemies in their path, it'll be impossible to buy and experience all of the game's weapons. In order to get enough money to buy a variety of new weapons, players will have to use the Cash Bash move on just about every single enemy they encounter. While this does reward those who


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