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Japanese playstation METAL SLUG X SUPER VHICLE-001 (SLPM-86315)

Japanese playstation METAL SLUG X SUPER VHICLE-001 (SLPM-86315)

On the surface, Metal Slug is your standard side-scrolling run-n-gun game, similar to Contra, Gun Force, Sunset Riders and a host of others that came out in the late '80s and early '90s. Go from left to right, obliterating enemy soldiers and vehicles, gather items and powerups, and destroy the huge boss waiting for you at the end of each stage. It's execution and style were what made it unique, though. The graphics and animation were second to none. The amount of detail Nazca (the design team that created Metal Slug for SNK) put into the game alone is incredible. Every screen is literally jammed full of all sorts of little graphic touches, from noninteractive characters to the absolutely gigantic bosses. Also, the enemy soldiers (who are usually just mindless robots in this kind of game) have personalities. They point and laugh at you when you die, some tiptoe into the screen and then chuck grenades at you, they dive off of sinking ships and swim away - and when they're lit on fire with a burst from a flamethrower, they scream in agony and run around until they're nothing but charred corpses.

Both Marco and Tarma initially start the game carrying pistols with unlimited ammo and ten grenades. You can get additional armaments (like I mentioned previously) as the game goes on. These can be gathered by freeing P.O.W.s that are imprisoned in various places throughout the game. The armaments they drop come in many flavors: among them the heavy machine gun, rocket launcher, flamethrower, and shotgun. These consume ammo, and must continuously be replenished. Occaisonally the P.O.W.s will drop ammo refills, more grenades (the icon doubles as additional shells for the Metal Slug) and various extra point icons (teddy bears, envelopes and so on). Every so often, destroyed enemy vehicles will drop extra point icons as well. At the end of each level, the P.O.W.s that you saved are added to your total point tally along with the Metal Slug if it hasn't been destroyed. If you get killed, though, you lose your accumulated P.O.W. count and your current weapon, as well as any extra grenades you may be carrying.



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