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Memorex Vis

What does Tandy/Radioshack, and Microsoft and Memorex all have in common? Well they all played a role in putting out this little turd of a system. With that said, I bought one of these little quirks off of Ebay a while back for around $120.00. It came complete with 31 CD's, the unit and the manual. It is around the going price of this little turd of a system. What can be said of this lesser known system? Well for starters this system was laser focused on educating 8 year olds all the crap which should be taught in school. It has only 2 cool games and I say that light heartedly. The Golfing game "Links", (which microsoft has rights to) and sherlock holmes. Its elementary my dear Watson, that this system is a little turd.h One of the cool things about this system is that it used a microsoft version of the OS to run it. Another cool item is that it used wireless controllers. Another cool thing is that it taught you crap that you should have learned in 3rd grade. Anyone who wants to bone up on their subjects before taking their SAT, (or GED if your an idiot) then buy this unit and all the plethora of games. Let me give you a listing of the games for your enjoyment:

  1. Just Grandma and Me by Mercer Mayer
  2. Ebook presents Jack Lemmon tells the tale of Peter and the Wolf.
  3. Mutainoid Word Challenge
  4. The secrets of Hosea Freeman
  5. Better Homes and Gardens:Healthy cooking
  6. The meetings of the minds series with Steve Allen
  7. Learn to Play Guitar
  8. American Heritage Illustrated encyclopedic dictionary
  9. Rick Ribbit adventures in early learning
  10. Computeach stepping stones
  11. Comptons multimedia encyclopedia
  12. Playing with language: games in japanese
  13. Sail with Columbus
  14. Smart kids challenge one
  15. Search for the sea
  16. Wild animals
  17. Race the clock
  18. The new basics electronic cookbook
  19. Mutainod Math Challenge (as if you didnt get enough with word challenge)
  20. Title sampler
  21. Great lives series volume 1
  22. Atlas of Us presidents
  23. Multimedia Bible
  24. My Paint
  25. Mind Play Kid-fun
  26. Our House- Family circus
  27. Mosaic Magic
  28. Astrology source
  29. Sherlock Holmes volume 1
  30. Sherlock Holmes Volume 2
  31. Links the challenge of golf
  32. Awesome adventures of victor vector
  33. Bible lands: bible stories
  34. Fitness Partner
  35. Great Lives
  36. The Manhole
  37. Playing with language: games in English
  38. Playing with language: games in French
  39. Playing with language: games in German
  40. Playing with language: games in Spanish
  41. Rodneys fun screen
  42. Talking stepping stones
  43. Aesops fables
  44. Survey of western art
  45. Time magazine
  46. American vista
  47. Americans in space
  48. Better not get wet jesse bear
  49. Cask of Amontillado
  50. December 24th
  51. Cinderella: the original fairy
  52. Exploring Americas natural parks
  53. Harry and Mudge: the first book
  54. Harry and Mudge: In the sparkle days
  55. A long hard day at the ranch
  56. Moving gives me a stomach ache
  57. Mud Puddles
  58. Multimedia animal encyclopedia
  59. The Necklace
  60. The night before christmas
  61. Paperbag princess
  62. Our House
  63. Scary poems for rotten kids
  64. Rainbow and snowflake: Search for the sea
  65. Tale of peter rabbit
  66. The tell tale heart
  67. Thomas snowsuit
  68. Tale of benjamin bunny
  69. Table of history: arts and entertainment
  70. Table of history: Business, politics and media
  71. Video movie guide 1993
  72. Wild animals

What do I give this system? Even though I think it is a little turd of a system, I feel that it has some cool features which make it a 6 out of 10 to own. For the completeness of your collection it is worth buying. Notice that I did not say playing. It blows bigger BJ's than Linda Lovelace.


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