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Japanese playstation CRAZY CLIMBER (SLPS-87067)

Japanese playstation CRAZY CLIMBER (SLPS-87067)

Crazy Climber is a 2-D, strategy style game. The game is strategic in the fact that you must plan your moves as you climb up the building and anticipate the hazards that await you. You start out the game at the bottom of a building to be scaled. As you climb up the building, you will be assailed by bald people throwing flowerpots, signs with loose electrical wires, very large apes, falling signs, trash and barbells, and a bird that likes to drop bad things on your character. Your goal is to make it to the top of the building and catch the helicopter, which will transport you to the next building to be scaled. Of course, you will be rewarded for quickly making it up the building by getting a bonus (that is as long as you can catch the helicopter).

Each building has a STEP POINT heading. This indicates how many points you get for each window you successfully climb to. You also start out with a certain amount of bonus points per building. On buildings one and two, they decrease by 100 about every 2 seconds while on buildings three and four they decrease by 200 points about every 2 seconds. Below are listed the STEP POINT and BONUS
RATE points :
Building 1 - Step Point : 100 - Bonus Rate : 10000
Building 2 - Step Point : 150 - Bonus Rate : 20000
Building 3 - Step Point : 200 - Bonus Rate : 30000
Building 4 - Step Point : 250 - Bonus Rate : 40000

NOTE : You will only collect the remaining BONUS RATE if you successfully grab the helicopter at the top of the building. If you fail to grab the helicopter after it has made two passes, you get a consolation bonus of 3000 points regardless of what the BONUS RATE remaining is.

The balloon shows up during buildings two and three. You don't get points, perse, for grabbing the balloon. Instead, your character will get lifted up approximately ten stories and avoiding any hazards they may contain. You will get STEP POINTS for these bypassed stories as if you had actually climbed them. In addition, it will give you a bigger bonus since it is quicker going up the building like this.


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