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One day I was scanning Ebay and saw something that really intrigued me. I saw a Neo Geo system that used MVS cartridges. Wow, that sort of jumped out on me since I know that most of the systems I bought has be AES type cartridges or the CD version of the games. What was this new cartridge that was being used and why did this Neo Geo system look so odd? Well simply put people now (and have been for a while) have been modifing the ARCADE boards of the Game Room Neo geo units and converting them into home consoles. There are many different takes on these modifications, consolization, super gun, Jamma boards or Atomiswave systems. Depending on whether you want the older system which utilizes the MVS format or the newer format that games like Metal Slug 6 and the new King of Fighter games the price to obtain will vary. Expect to pay $450.00 (USD) for a decent consolized system and approximately $700.00 plus for the newer formats.

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PCB Configuration : Available in 1 Slot, 2 Slot, 4 Slot and 6-slot variants. Some later games also came on dedicated boards.

Revisons : There are 6 revisions of the 1 slot board, MV-1, MV-1A, MV-1B, MV-1C, MV-1F, MV-1FZ. If you have a choice, the MV-1 and MV-1F boards are the ones to pick, having stereo support and joystick ports, the MV-1 board is also the only 1 slot board to support for the MV-IC memory board.
The multislot PCBs are MV-2F, MV-4F and MV-6F and have most if not all features. The 6 slot board is notoriously unreliable, but then it's more complicated and a lot larger than the rest.