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APF M1000


This system was released in 1978 during the "golden" years of the video arcade/console years. It was created by an relatively unknown company called APF Electronics. I think I had a calculator made by this company and I think they sort of ran into the computing gaming scene with limited exposure and finances. This company produced a pong type clone console and then later produced this unit that allowed you to change games with a cartridge based system. It had a nice accessory such as a keyboard, which I have long thrown away. It allowed you to program some really basic crappy BASIC programs and had a game hard wired into the system. It was really expensive at the time (even now), with it costing about $650.00. Was it worth the money? Probably not, but it was a nice conversation piece and still is a nice conversation piece. About 13 cartridges are available for this system. You can still find a nice supply on Ebay if interested (consoles). The carts themselves are getting more and more difficult to obtain and is difficult to get a complete set.

Interestingly this machine had a prebuilt game in as well. It was called Rocket Patrol and was horrible. Free game none the less. I guess what do you expect from a computer game released in 1978? The processor speed actually was not too bad for its time. 3.45MHz was kind of quick for that era. Did it sell well? No. Would I buy one today? Yes, just to complete my collection.