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I remember the first time I saw the turbo grafx 16 system. I was mesmerized. Its a great system.

TurboGrafx-16 is a unique animal. Although considered to be a part of the 16-bit generation of systems, it features an 8-bit processor. This is augmented by a powerful 16-bit graphics chip that enables games to feature a multitude of vibrant colors. The chip allowed the system to draw from a much more extensive palette of colors than its contemporary, the Sega Genesis.

Another thing that set the TurboGrafx apart from the competition was its introduction of the first console CD-ROM unit. Awe-inspiring games such as Y's Book I & II and Gate of Thunder prompted Sega to release their own competing CD add-on. However, the Genesis' Japanese counterpart, Sega's Megadrive, can't come close to touching the extensive library of import CD games that the PC Engine boasts. These import classics have got Turbo fanboys scrambling to pick up a copy of such gems as Dracula X on eBay.

Besides the CD unit, the NEC did release a number of other accessories that will help enhance your gaming experience. Most notable of these is the TurboTap, which allows five players to enjoy Turbo gaming. Aside from this, gamers quickly became aware of the fact that an extention cable was must buy accessory, due to the unparalleled shortness of the standard TurboPad controller cable. Finally, NEC released a boatload of interesting accessories in Japan. There are some very interesting items out there, the likes of which have never been seen on US shores.

Make Or Break Your Console

What is a system without quality software? A disaster. Just look at the Atari Jaguar. Its dreadful software lineup makes it a system that's even difficult for a fanboy to love! Without good software, a console is quickly abandoned before its time. Besides, who wants to use up much coveted shelf space for a system with no killer apps?

As far as the TurboGrafx is concerned, there's no need to fear. This system just has a plethora of quality games that haven't even been experienced by the average gamer. Not only that, but the PC Engine offers an unparalleled library of import classics to be enjoyed by one and all.

Anyway, you definitely owe it to yourself to give some of the games below a shot. If you don't, you just don't know what you're missing! From shooters to platformers to RPGs, the TurboGrafx has got you covered. Regardless of the genre that you're most interested in, there is undoubtedly some solid representation in the TurboGrafx library.

Coding Is King

It's a fact of life that console manufacturers eventually abandon their consoles. As new technologies become available, it becomes more difficult for them to continue releasing games for aging systems. Just like the other consoles of its generation, the TurboGrafx has now become an orphan. The system is no longer supported by NEC nor does it receive support from the big third party companies (i.e. Konami, Capcom, etc...).

Despite the harsh reality of the fact that the TurboGrafx is no longer supported by its original manufacturer, there is still a reason to maintain hope. Thanks to a legion of dedicated fanboys, NEC's 16-bit powerhouse continues to live on with new releases! Believe it or not, development tools are now available that make TurboGrafx development readily accessible to the common man. Not only that, but there's even a compiler that will output CD images that can be played on your TurboGrafx CD unit.

How Can You Go Wrong?

Being the cult classic system that it is, you would expect the TurboGrafx to have a devoted following of web sites. Well if you expected this, you were absolutely right! Thanks to the legions of Turbo fans out there, you can always find some new tidbit of knowledge about the system and its vast library of games. Whether it's a review of some obscure Japanese title or it's some system specifications, you're sure to find whatever you're looking for.

Below you will find just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to TurboGrafx and PC Engine dedicated web sites. Be sure to check back often as we add more sites that will help to broaden your Turbo horizons. In the meantime, enjoy these fine selections.

The Dream Becomes Reality

The date is 1989...August to be specific. The weekly trip to the newstand typically entailed picking up the latest issues of X-Men and Spiderman. However, this week was different. There was something that caught my eye.

Having been a fan of both console and computer games at the time, I had occasionally picked up an issue of Video Games & Computer Entertainment. This month's issue just happened to feature an article on the two new recently released 16-bit consoles. In fact, it was pitting the TurboGrafx against Sega's Genesis in a no-holds barred comparison for the title of the king of next generation systems. This issue ran down each of the launch titles for both systems. Sure, Sega had some well-known arcade games, but the TurboGrafx really set itself apart in my mind. The games truly seemed to have a unique flavor unknown to other American consoles at the time.

With such innovative launch titles as Legendary Axe, Alien Crush, and the soon to be world famous Keith Courage in Alpha Zones, how could the TurboGrafx not be an overnight success? From that point in time, my mind was made up. There could only be one possible way to go...the NEC way!

Little did I know at the time, that NEC would later be recognized for making one of the biggest marketing failures of our day. Although the initial titles were unique and entertaining, it would soon become obvious that third party support was nowhere to be found. As a result, our beloved console would face an untimely death well before its time.

Years later, with the advent of the internet, it would only be logical that the system's cult following continue to show its support by offering up fan created web sites. Unfortunately, the coverage on the American side has been sparse at best. It was with that issue in mind that was created. It is our hope that the legend of this much maligned console will continue to live on in the hearts of its fans and be brought to light for a whole new generation of fans.

Why is a turbo grafx your type of console? Well It is because it came with so many sweet games. It is beautiful and it is available to purchase. The sound quality if very good and I would recommend buying a unit.

nec turbo express

This is the hand held unit. Came with sound and dead pixel issues. but is worth the money. It plays the Hu cards.

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