Super Classic Videogames

Super TV Boy Console




Distributed by Systema (UK) LTD.

Software type:  Built in ROMS

Format: PAL

 This system is another clone of Atari games system.  It’s a console that is jammed packed with 127 different ROMs.  Dollar for dollar or pound for pound it is quite a gem for the game player. The games are quite comprehensive but the copyright infringement is obvious.  The fact that it is produced in China is not overlooked. They try to obscure the names of the games but it’s comical.  Donkey Kong is titled Mad Kong.  It’s basically an Atari emulator stuffed with a large assortment of ROMs.  Believe it or not, it is quite hard to find this system these days. I bought a few of these systems due to the interesting nature of this system.  The downside of the system is that it is in PAL format, which cannot be directly viewed onto the NTSC television sets.  Some of the newer televisions have PAL support so it’s easy to set up and play this system if that is your wish.



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