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Sega Saturn

The Sega Saturn is often forgotten but should be pulled off the shelves and appreciated for its unique qualities. This system is easily modified and an endless supply of ROMs/disks are available for all regions. If your into Japanese games this system is for you. If you like American NTSC games, this is up your alley!!

Sega Saturn debuted in 1994. This was a 32 bit system that followed the release of the Amiga 32 CD and is truely a great gaming system, especially for the 2d version. It quickly became a RPG players dream since this system is just loaded with quality RPG type games.

The Sega Saturn has dual processors. This made programming for this system complex and did limit it in a sense. It did come to an advantage in other situations. When Virtua Fighter came out, this system utilize one processor for each character, which definitely improved the games performance. It was marketed fairly well and was a very popular console and did really well in general. It had a large amount of gamers in all of the continents. Asia, America, and Europe all fell in love with this system.

This system was CD based and has a nice Mod chip which is easy to install and bypass the region limitations. It also has a huge assortment of games, all which are easily availble on the internet if you know how and where to look. So basically with a modded system you have access again to a plethora of titles. This seems to be a theme with older consoles. This system was compatible with music cd's but you had to buy an adapter to allow it to play photo cds on this system. You could also buy some hardware that allowed you to play MPEG 1. Most games are region restricted so it is imperitive to either mod chip your unit or use the special adapter that removed the region restriction.




Console Name Click for console image Country LE (units) Description
Saturn Black Click for console image All No First color
Saturn Gray Click for console image JP No N/A
Saturn White Click for console image JP No Technically very light gray
Saturn JVC/Victor V-Saturn RG-JX1 Click for console image JP No Gray top, black base, V-Saturn logo
Saturn JVC/Victor V-Saturn RG-JX2 Click for console image JP No Gray top, dark gray base, V-Saturn logo, 1.01 BIOS
Saturn Hitachi Hi-Saturn Click for console image JP No Black with pinkish buttons, Hi-Saturn logo
Saturn Hitachi Hi-Saturn Navi Click for console image JP No Dark gray - thinner than other Saturns and is flat instead of curved on top in order to accommodate a folding LCD monitor that clips to the rear. It includes GPS capability, and has a standard port on the rear for use with an included antenna.
Saturn SunSeibu Click for console image JP No 7 CD changer version for hotels, black, large box shape
Saturn Samsung Click for console image KO No Black, Samsung logo, no reset button or LEDs
Saturn Skeleton Click for console image KO No Translucent gray - "this is cool" printed on console & controller
Saturn Sonic Click for console image JP Yes White with Sonic silhouette
Saturn Sonic Skeleton ?? JP Yes Translucent - Image needed
Saturn Derby Click for console image JP Yes Translucent blue, bundled with Derby Stallion

The Sega Saturn is a underated gaming system. It is sort of complicated by the fact that a lot of the programmers just found it very confusing to develop games for this system. It was technically challenging to program games. It won a lot of acclaim and was noted to be very successful during its shelf life. There are many different versions as noted above.

What most people do not understand is theat the Sega Saturn made it to the United States in 1995 (Spring). It was a rush job to try to beat Sony which was releasing the Playstation game console out. The wrinkles were not ironed out and it looked kind of choppy compared to the Playstation console. It was harder to program as well and this seem to disuade programmers from porting a lot of cool games over to this console. Internet was finally able to be had with this unit and I know of a few people who started out on the net and had their email from this console.

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