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SEGA GENESIS  (1989)  16 Bit

SEGA GENESIS 1 -1989 ($250.00 at launch)
SEGA GENESIS 3 -1998 ($75.00 at launch)

CPU: Motorola 68000 at 7.61 MHz

Sega's genesis foray into the console business was an outstanding success. Its main competitor was the Nintendo NES system. It came out after the NES system but it was a strong and viable alternative to the Nintendo system. It seemed to please the sports fans much more than the NES system. Madden football became a strong point with the owners of this system. Who can forget Sonic the Hedge hog? This is the entry into the well known mascot for this system. You will find many different versions of this unit. From the initial unit down to the last unit. It is a must to all collectors.

One should know about the JVC version though. It is a suped up version of the genesis, with better sound and capabilities. It is highly sought after and is a beautiful system to obtain.

Also Look for the Sega Nomad. This baby is a portable version of the Sega genesis. It can play stand alone or it can be connecte to the television set. The Sega Genesis is probably one of the most underrated consoles that I can think of.  It was released in the United States in 1989, at the time that the Nintendo NES system was doing extremely well.  Technologically it is much superior to the Nintendo NES system in both graphics and sound quality.  People forget that Sega was already a leader in the Arcade scene, and was considered to have a substantial knowledge base on video entertainment and had researched what the consumers wanted. It ushered in the era of the 16 bit computer age*. The consumers who decided to buy the Genesis noticed this technological advantage. A robust library of high quality games adds merit to the worthiness of the Sega Genesis.  You would be hard pressed not to find a large number of games that you enjoy playing from the available games for this system.  The available library is HUGE.  I remember when the talking sports games first became available for this system.  It was quite remarkable at the time to hear a play by play analysis of the game you’re playing.  I was quite impressed to say the least. I should note also that this was the system that really got Electronic Arts up and going.  Their sports games to include Madden Football, was phenomenal and really helped launch this system. The Genesis sold very well and was a serious competitor to Nintendo. It eventually had to compete with the Nintendo SNES system when Nintendo decided to bring out their 16- bit system to the market.  The Sega Genesis comes in many models and names depending on which country it was produced for. It’s important to know which model you have if you plan on using the peripheral add-ons like the 32x adaptor or the CD adaptor or the Sega Master System adaptor.  These adaptors do not work on the Sega Genesis 3 model. (This model is an economical stripped down version of the Genesis system released by a third party company). Sega dropped its Genesis production roughly around 1996.  The third party Majesco brought the Genesis 3 to the market in 1998 for a price just under $75.00.  If you are looking for a Japanese Sega Genesis game you will be disappointed to find out there is no such system.  In Japan as well as in other countries, the Sega Genesis is named Sega Mega Drive.  The usage of Mega drive was already copyrighted in the United States, thus the system was released with the name being Sega Genesis.

A few unique accessories were produced to be used with this system.  One of my favorite accessories is the Batter Up controller.  It is a controller that is shaped like a bat that you can use on the baseball games.  It is quite advanced for its time and very imaginative.  They are not easy to find anymore, but definitely is a must if you’re collecting this system.


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