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Emulation is Golden!!!

I am sure if you are a classic gamer like myself ; you have owned many different systems throughout the years. Did you know that there are many collectors who feel the same way that you do? Some collectors are even more enthusiastic than we could ever be. Most of the classic gaming systems have emulators that allow you to play your favorite (or not so favorite) games on your computer. Granted its not exactly similar to the original console (speed may be off slightly, controller is different) but it is still every enjoyable. It is a great way to try the games that you missed. I say that tongue in cheek, because you should already have bought and OWN the ROM that you have managed to download.


Emulation is super easy and with the new dual/quad processors its only going to just get better. The easiest way to get started is simple. Just google emulators and voila, there you go. Every single program your greedy little heart can stand.





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