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The Neo Geo system is definitely something that a true collector would want to own. I remember when this system first came out to the general public. The quality of the games and the graphic presentation seemed way above what the other systems could offer. With that said, it probably was the craziest expensive system out at the time outside of the Halcyon system. What is so special about this system is the fact that the games are the identical games that are played at the Arcade. It is the identical Arcade game in the home system and not a conversion. The first thing one must know about this system is that there are a few different formats of the games out there. The most conventional format is the AES format, the least expensive MVS format and the CD rom versions. The Games run on a "typical" system are usually AES format. The games are still expensive even until today. You should expect to pay about 50 dollars to 500 dollars per game, depending on the rarity of the game. The MVS format is the one used by the game room consoles. This is different from the AES format. I believe the AES format was made purposely to not be compatible with the MVS system. AES is much more expensive. The MVS system does not run on the typical console. You must get one of the MVS adapters or get a consolized system. (SEE LINK for my Consolized system section). I have all the above if you ever wondered. I have both the converters and the consolized version. One of the nice things about the MVS system is that you can find a bootleg cartridge that has 130 in 1 games. Obviously this is contraband, but you basically get a whole library of games on one MVS cartridge. The system is beautiful, expensive and definitely worth the money spent on it.

If you like fighting games then this is the console for you. I play it very often. I highly recommend this console!!!



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