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Most People are not knowledgable of Laser Active. It is a pretty sweet Laser Disk console system that was produced by Pioneer to play laser disks. It also had a detachable bay that had the ability to expand to different console systems (called PACs).

Sega PAC (PAC-S10/PAC-S1)

Pioneer Electronics (USA) and SEGA Enterprises released this module that allows users to play 8-inch and 12-inch LaserActive Mega LD discs, in addition to the hundreds of existing SEGA-CD and Genesis titles, as well as standard CD+G discs. It was the most popular add-on bought by the greater part of the LaserActive owners, costing roughly US$ 600. It comes with the usual Mega Drive/Genesis controller pad signed with a gold Pioneer LaserActive logo on it.


Pioneer Electronics (USA) and NEC Home Electronics released this module that allows users to play 8-inch and 12-inch LaserActive LD-ROM2 discs, as well as current TurboGrafx CD-ROM discs, game HuCards and CD+G discs. This PAC is today one of the most sought after accessories for the system, and the Laserdisc compatible games are equally rare . Note: the Japanese version of the PAC is unable to play American HuCard games, and the same is valid the other way around.The retail price was US$ 600. It comes with the usual PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 controller pad signed with a gold Pioneer LaserActive logo on it.

Karaoke PAC (PAC-K10/PAC-K1)

This PAC allows the CLD-A100 to use all NTSC LaserKaraoke titles. The front panel has two microphone inputs with separated volume controls, as well as tone control. The retail price was US$ 350.

Computer Interface PAC (PAC-PC1)

This PAC has a 25-pin serial port allowing the CLD-A100 to be controlled by custom programs authored on PC or Macintosh computers. This PAC came with a 33-button infrared remote control providing more functionality than the 24-button remote included with the CLD-A100. Also included on DOS and Mac floppy disks was the LaserActive Program Editor. The floppy disks included some sample programs created with the editor for use with the first five LaserDiscs in the Tenchi anime series.

LaserActive 3-D Goggles (GOL-1)

Used in conjunction with the various 3-D games that were released for the CLD-A100, the design was also compatible with the Sega Master System and could be used with that system.

3-D Goggles Adaptor (ADP-1)

Packaged and sold separately from the 3-D Goggles, it allowed the user to connect the goggles to the CLD-A100, and allowed for up to two users to view content simultaneously.


The Laseractive system is one that has no other. It actually was made by panasonic and by NEC. Two versions came out and was incredibly expensive and perhaps still is one of the more expensive units to obtain. It expecially is expensive if one is trying to get the unit with the NEC module . It is as heavy as any console I know. It weighs more than a the xbox and has the capacity to play LD (laserdisks) as well as cd and with the modules . sega genesis/mega drive or NEC turbografx/ PC engine games.


laseractive tg16

Laseractive TG16 unit


laseractive sega

Laseractive Sega CD/Genesis unit

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