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   Nintendo filed a lawsuit in Hong Kong against Bung for their Nintendo 64 back-up device known as the Doctor V64. The Doctor allows a user to play N64 rom images that are burned on CD-R discs without the use of the original cartridge.

Doctor V64  256Mbits (no CD-RW support)

More Description on Doctor V64 DX256, developed by Doctor V64 is a product of Bung Enterprises Limited, one of the most innovative videogame companies in the world. Doctor V64 is a low cost ROM emulator for c.gif (1055 bytes)N64 with parallel port for connection with computer, it is the perfect development kit for professional or amateur. The price is low and affordable for the average videogame user, yet it is powerful enough for professional developers to develop games. As the Doctor V64 has a flash BIOS built-in, the BIOS, which is the program that controls the Doctor V64, can be easily upgraded free of charge by downloading the BIOS from the Internet. Bung Enterprises is committed in providing the best support for it's customers and has been constantly upgrading the Doctor V64 BIOS to add new functions. Therefore, upgrading the Doctor V64 BIOS makes it as good as a new unit every time it is upgraded. Doctor V64 has a MPEG chipset built-in, which makes it a VCD, and Music CD player. It also has a 3D Spatializer chip built-in which will produce 3D surround sound effect for all audio that are emitted from it, which includes videogames and VCD.

It is fairly obvious what this unit is capable of doing. First and foremost it will copy the image of the cartridge onto a compact disk. Thus it is a disk copier. Secondly this unit allows one to run an already backed up copy (ROM) of a Nintendo 64 game onto your Nintendo 64 system. What this allows a serious gamer access is basically an unlimited number of titles that already exists throughout the internet. It allows you to play the game as it should be played. No emulation, correct game speed and controller quality. What a beautiful concept and a gamers dream. It is hard to find anymore, but they are out there for the industrious people and I would recommend everyone check into it if they are on a tight budget and are a lover of the Nintendo 64.

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