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CASIO SV-100 My Seal Computer – 1994

Format: NTSC
Software type:  Cartridge


Have you ever got tired of playing the never-ending, violent fighting games on your game console?  Are you a female?  If so the Casio My Seal Loopy is your kind of system.  Released only in Japan, it is truly unique.  Marketed towards the female gender, it’s definitely caters to a different genre of games and approach to video gaming.  The graphic design on the box was inescapably feminine.  The box it is packaged in is pink and has anime type characters of females as well as more hearts than you can shake a stick at. It’s a medium sized console that has a cartridge-based system whose cartridges is approximately the size of the Nintendo SNES cartridges.  The cartridges available were not the typical action carts like the other game systems.  The games were based on fashion and other topics that interested a junior high school female.  I played a few of the games thanks to the translation of my wife.  I had to go to school to become a supermodel.  In order to do this I had to coordinate my fashion and take quizzes to advance in the school.  Apparently in this game you have over 500,000 different combination of apparel.  Another game is about going on an adventure with your puppy, which is moderately interesting.  There are many cartridges, which allow you to make personalized stickers. It even had a cartridge that allows you to print an image off a VHS tape.  Pretty cool! It didn’t sell very well and is hard to find anymore.  It has its own printer built into the front of the consoles that allowed you to print out pictures based upon the user’s selection. It definitely was ahead of its time considering its release and the later popularity of personalized stickers that swept through the pop culture of Japan in the late 1990’s. It was a definite trendsetter.  There is no similar system that was ever released or for such a narrow targeted consumer group with an American system.


Limited Editions: NONE


Known Games for Casio Loopy

casio loopy


This system is kind of gay, but if gay is your thing then it is okay with me. Definitely for the softer gender and the non sports playing kind.

I suggest you buy one just for the hell of it.

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