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Bandai Playdia



Bandai Playdia – (1994)

Cost at Launch: $249.00


Processor speed:  
Graphics capacity: 16 bit
Sound: stereo
Format: NTSC
Software type: CD-ROM


Not much information is widely published about the Bandai Playdia system.  It was released in 1994 and only in the Japanese market.  It never really got a huge following and floundered like the Bandai Pippin.  I actually bought a few of these systems to sell on EBAY, but truthfully I have never really taken the time to extensively play this system. When I did hook it up it was to test the unit to make sure it was not a dud prior to selling it and shipping it off to my customer.  Talk about lacking any motivation!!  The concept of this machine seems pretty cool though.  It’s a fairly fast loading CD-ROM based system.  It comes with one (and can only use one) controller which is cordless and uses infra-red technology to communicate to its console. Graphics are compatible with the Sony Playstation.  The software available is limited and seems to be based on dragon’s lair type genre and game play.  Don’t buy this system if you’re a hardcore shoot ‘em up traditionalist, because you just won’t like the game play. One of the downsides is that there is not a lot of software that is playable for this system.  Especially if you’re not fluent in Japanese.  There are a few Anime type games available for this system if you’re a diehard Anime fan, but other than that, leave this system for the few who live in their momma’s basement and can’t ever seem to hold a job that pays more than minimum wage. This system is not worthy to sink a lot of money into, unless your into buying obscure crappy video game systems.  In that case, I have a few more of these babies in stock so contact me via the internet site.

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