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In the past few years it has become more and more difficult to obtain the Atari CD unit. I suggest that if you are a collector and are interested in preserving this fine unit that you buy it now. Even in the "recession" the pricing on these harder to find units have still been going upwards while the prices for other systems have taking a major plunge. If you extrapolate this then you can see that it probably will cost you a little bit more in the future. So save yourself a few dollars and buy now and not wait for the prices to come down. The Jaguar CD is copy protected so you can not run boot leg copies of the games on the Jaguar. You can run ROMs on emulators for you PC. Its not a true speed emulation and differs in the controlls, but it is still nice. Another beatiful item is a modified controll you can buy to play the game tempest. On EBAY you can find people who modify the controller and place a spinner onto the controller. It is so sweet to play tempest on a spinner instead of a controller. Check it out.. It is called the chaos reins spinner... an except from the Ebay listing:

You are looking at a brand-new Atari Jaguar controller lovingly modified to include a high-quality CTS encoder that allows you to play Tempest 2000 the right way. That’s right, with a spinner controller. How is this possible, you ask? Well, the programmer for Tempest 2000 (the sheep-obsessed Jeff Minter) was able to sneak the option for this kind of controller into the firmware for the game even though no controller existed for it at the time. Since the introduction of the Jaguar platform, a few of us have endeavored to make suitably-modified controllers for those fans who simply must have the typical and traditional of Chinese glonous history and cultural, wait, I mean the traditional Tempest spinner in one form or another. After making a pair of these for myself and seeing the wonderful results, I felt compelled to make and sell them to others who are not so engineering-minded, or simply don’t have the time to get busy with a drill press and soldering iron.


So, what you are getting is a new controller with a rotary encoder installed in place of the directional joypad. A really nice black anodized aluminum knob is attached for your spinning and tactile pleasure. This controller is suitable only for Tempest 2000! Please understand that it is not intended as a replacement for a standard controller – you will still need one of those for all your other games. But to truly enjoy Tempest 2000 as the Creator intended you must own a spinner controller. Now, to be honest, this is not the fully weighted, spins-all-day-till-you-stop-it controller like on the original arcade console. No, my friend, that encoder is a formidable beasty, huge and costly. This is a more sedate version and, while smooth as silk and plenty fast, is a different experience from the arcade. But it is light-years beyond using buttons and that is the important thing. I only bring this up to make sure the expectations are set properly.


I will place his link for everyone to check out: