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Atari Lynx

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Atari Lynx

The Atari Lynx was way ahead of its time. Ask anyone which hand held console is their favorite and only a few will recall the Atari Lynx. It is a wonderful system. You should check it out. Really nice system and nice sound for a hand held unit.

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The Atari Lynx Color Portable Video Game System was Atari's powerful entry into the handheld gaming market. The first portable game system ever, the Atari Lynx boasted a powerful 16-Bit graphics chip, which could produce a palate of 4096 colors on a large full-color backlit portable display. Compared to the Gameboy, Nintendo's brick-like entry into the market, the Atari Lynx took all the advantages. Introduced in the fall of 1989, the Atari Lynx faired well even against cutting edge home systems of the time such as the Turbo Grafx-16, and its compatible portable spin-off, the Turbo Express. The Atari Lynx, which started its life as an idea by former Amiga engineers at Epyx in late 1986, was very unique, not only in that it was the first portable game system, but it had such features as "Lynx Flip Mode" which allowed the screen and controls to be rotated a full 180* degrees to allow for left handed gamers to play with greater ease, and also its "Com-Lynx" programming which allowed Lynx gamers to connect up to 8 total players for screaming competition and co-op action. The Lynx is also known for its unique "Game Cards" which were miniature game cartridges, which were shrunk down to thin wafers about half the size of a credit card. The Lynx was popular for many of its great titles, including Roadblasters, S.T.U.N. Runner, Blue Lightning, Xybots, and not the least of which, California Games. The Atari Lynx met with moderate sales in the retail market, which continued even into the 1995 holiday season. Today, the Lynx still has a very strong following of dedicated Lynx gamers, the most famous of who is ex-Atari programmer Harry Dodgson who has created such new games for the Lynx as Othello. We are dedicated to the survival and legacy of the Atari Lynx, as we continue to offer sales and support for the greatest hand held system of all time.

There are 2 different versions of the Atari Lynx. The original is refered as the Lynx 1. It was a battery crusher to say the least. The design was not really the best, since the battery cover was at the greatest pressure point and you tend to dislodge the cover in the midst of playing the game. This battery cover ended up falling off easily over time. The system was redesigned. The Atari Lynx 2 is a little smaller and not as elongated as the Atari Lynx 1. It consumed a little less power and corrected the battery cover problem. Which version is better? I prefer the Atari Lynx 2. If you are a serious collecter, then you must have both of them.

atari lynx 1 and 2

An example of the Atari Lynx 1 and 2


atari lynx game


An Example of the Atari Lynx graphics.


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